Project description


The e-commerce industry gains in popularity, as a result even major jewelry houses, like our client, feel the need to go online. Our client is the company with vast experience in jewelry from Luxembourg that places emphasis on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, the company wanted an e-commerce platform that would ensure that their clients have a good shopping experience online.  


We dedicated our efforts to developing an e-commerce website that would help our client to scale up its business to new heights. The site had to fulfill certain conditions:  

  • A user-friendly platform for buying company’s products; 
  • The platform has to showcase, inform and provide complete details about the jewelry; 
  • The main qualities of the platform should be responsiveness and flexibility. 


The team took the following actions to achieve the client’s goals: 

  • Created the authentication module for internal and external users of the web platform; 
  • Developed the functional for online selling of jewelries; 
  • Configured payment methods: online with a credit card (SIX Payments), PayPal; 
  • Configured delivery methods: national, international and pick-up from the physical store. Also, configuration of the delivery cost depending on chosen delivery method; 
  • Configured discount module; 
  • Interconnected with the existing POS system „JShop” of the Beneficiary. 


PHP7, Drupal8, Drupal Commerce, jQuery, Twig, MySQL 

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