Project description


As corruption is one of the most common issues that Moldovan society has to cope with on a daily basis, there is a need for ICT tools to take actions. This is how the project “Educate. Engage. Empower. Community Tools Against Corruption”, implemented by the e-Governance Academy Foundation (Estonia) and Center for Policies and Reforms (Moldova) with the support of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, came to life. The main point was to develop and design an interactive website to encourage citizens' participation in the fight against corruption in Moldova. 


In order to bring the idea to life and transform Moldova into a corruption-free society, it was important to develop a platform that provides information about different aspects of corruption, enables the users to advance their knowledge on corruption from different perspectives and provide the users with the opportunity to report corruption-prone procedures and everyday life situations. The submitted information is collected, compiled on a platform that aggregates all reports into general statistics. This way, it can be easily determined the amount of corruption cases and purposes that are the most common. The platform has the following aspects: 

  • Advanced Drupal 8 and PHP Development;  
  • Intuitive front-end design; 
  • Multilingual Delivery Elements;  
  • Mobile responsive layout;  
  • Editable features.  


The team delivered an interactive website that allows users to report corruption cases by writing texts, uploading videos or pictures, including details about where and when the corrupt act occurred, the platform allows users to send reports and stay anonymous at the same time. This way, we created a platform for the client:  

  • where citizens can raise awareness regarding different aspects of corruption;  
  • that allows users to send reports anonymously;  
  • it is possible view reported cases, categorized by the type of case reported;  
  • that helps citizens recognize, avoid and tackle corruption situations;  
  • where it is possible to collect data, identify and analyze corruption trends to detect public services prone to corruption. 


Drupal 8, PHP 7.2, TWIG, HTML, jQuery, CSS 3 (preprocess SCSS, compiled by GULP) 

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