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Cart Modules

Commerce Combine Carts

The Commerce Combine Carts combines multiple shopping carts of the user into one. The module is in the beta version for Drupal 8.

It works in two ways:

  • combines all of a user’s order items into this user’s main shopping cart
  • combines all of a user’s shopping carts into one when the user logs in


  • TBD -  SOLR

Dashboards and Reporting

This module provides a reporting system for Drupal Commerce.

Some features that you will find in this module:

  • Table-based reports for sales with filtering by order status and date ranges. The report can break sales down monthly, weekly, and daily.
  • Table-based reports for customers, products, and payment methods.
  • An advanced reports dashboard showing a summarized view for all the above reports, visualization done by Google Visualization API via Charts module.
  • The ability to export to CSV files when Views Data Export is enabled.


The primary use case is to use this on listings such as overview pages or blocks displaying related products, bestsellers, etc. Currently, building product listing blocks is often accompanied by some headaches due to existing Drupal Core limitations described below.